made a pilgrimage to gander mountain this weekend for some impulsive shopping. bought a knife, bug spray, signal mirror, figure 9 carabiner and a lensatic compass.

- the knife i bought is the Buck 119 Special, which has easily become my main survival knife @ around $60. after a long time searching and reading reviews it was either the Buck 119, the Ontario Marine Combat Knife, or the Kabar Black Fighting/ Utility Serrated; all of which i would recommend. all very sturdy, full tang, proven quality.

- bug spray, often overlooked, will prevent you from going completely insane and contracting vicious diseases.
“The Center for Disease Control recommends 30-50% DEET to prevent the spread of pathogens carried by insects.” DEET was developed by the US Army, so its just wonderful. i recommend 100% DEET @ ~$6.

- got a Starflash Ultra signal mirror for ~$10. can be used to signal for help, communicate silently with other parties or even for hygienic purposes or checking cracked teeth etc.

- picked up the Nite Ize Figure 9 carabiner for ~$4 as an impulse buy. i thought itd be pretty handy for tightening ropes for tying up food from animals, setting up shelter with tarp etc. I haven’t tried it yet but ill do a video on it or some shit eventually.

- last and VERY MUCH LEAST i got the Brunton Lensatic Compass for $24. the quality was so horrible i returned it the next day. you could point north wherever you wanted and itd stay. the decals weren’t even aligned with anything, everything was off center. thats what i get for buying cheap. YOU BUY CHEAP YOU BUY TWICE. not sure what kind of compass i want, i think the military uses Cammenga Tritiums, but im not sure. more research needed.

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